Best Fish Recipe — How to Cook Speckled Trout


I have an angler friend — good friend to have, btw. His wife hates fish, won’t cook it for him, but he lands dozens, probably hundreds of fish each season. Just before Christmas he gave me about a dozen speckled trout fillets he caught off the North Carolina coast. He froze them as soon as he got them home that day and I hesitated to thaw them until I had found a recipe I liked.trout by aconant morguefile

I am fond of for recipes, but most of them for speckled trout did not really inspire me. There were quite a few trout recipes that called for dredging the fillets in egg, flour, seasonings and frying; one that called for a whole package of cream cheese and half a pound of butter–I mean, why bother putting this incredibly fresh fish in there?–a lot of recipes that I really just thought would cover up the flavor of the fish. But most recipes had olive oil, salt, pepper and one or two seasonings that seemed consistent. So those are the basic flavors I went with:

Speckled trout is firm with milky white flesh. Fresh fish is not fishy smelling and my gift fillets were clean scented, and made me want to drive to the beach just to smell the air.

My simple speckled or spotted trout recipe:

heat one or two T of olive oil in a pan– take or leave a minced garlic clove (I added garlic the first time, but left it out afterward)

salt and pepper the fillets and saute until done.

Leave skin on.

Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice over the fillet when done.

Lightly sauteed speckled or spotted trout was hands down the best fish I’ve ever eaten. I can’t wait for fishing season.

Here’s another trout recipe:

If my simple recipe for trout is too ho-hum sounding for you here is a trout recipe from BeyondSalmon blog (which I think is great and I recommend it in a recent Friday Fish Blog post):

Trout Fried in Almonds — sounds delic. and the directions and ingredients are simple.

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One Comment on “Best Fish Recipe — How to Cook Speckled Trout”

  1. Joe Says:

    I will be trying your sea trout recipe tonight caught a nice size trout the am and will have it in the pan tonight at 6:00pm. I like what you written about keeping it simple…

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